MC05-Roadway Maintenance and Construction




This service package supports numerous services for scheduled and unscheduled maintenance and construction on a roadway system or right–of–way. Maintenance services include landscape maintenance, hazard removal (roadway debris, dead animals), routine maintenance activities (roadway cleaning, grass cutting), and repair and maintenance of both ITS and non–ITS equipment on the roadway (e.g., signs, traffic controllers, traffic detectors, dynamic message signs, traffic signals, CCTV, etc.). Environmental conditions information is also received from various weather sources to aid in scheduling maintenance and construction activities.


MC05-Roadway Maintenance and Construction

Includes Elements

Ohio DOT Vehicle Detection Devices
City of Cleveland Signal Control System
Ohio DOT Maintenance and Construction Vehicles
Municipal Signal Control Systems
Municipal Field Equipment
Ohio Turnpike Central Dispatch
City of Cleveland Traffic Signals
Municipal Maintenance Vehicles
Cuyahoga County Maintenance Vehicles
Ohio DOT District 12 Maintenance Garages
Ohio DOT District 3 Maintenance Garages
City of Cleveland Maintenance Dispatch
Cuyahoga County Maintenance Garages
Municipal Maintenance Garages
Ohio Turnpike Roadside ITS Equipment
Cuyahoga County ITS Roadway Equipment
County ITS Roadway Equipment
Ohio DOT CCTV Cameras
Ohio DOT RWIS Stations
Ohio DOT Traffic Signal Roadway Equipment
City of Cleveland Traffic Detectors
City of Cleveland DMS
Ohio DOT Automated Roadway Treatment Systems
Ohio Turnpike Maintenance Dispatch
Ohio Turnpike Maintenance and Construction Vehicles
City of Cleveland CCTV
Ohio DOT Ramp Meters
Ohio DOT Lane Control Devices
Ohio DOT Automated Gate Closure Systems
Ohio DOT Speed Monitoring Roadside Equipment
Cuyahoga County Engineers Office
County Engineers Office
City of Cleveland Speed Monitoring Devices
County Maintenance Garages
County Maintenance Vehicles