Roadway Field Device Support Functional Area


'Roadway Field Device Support' monitors the operational status of field devices and detects and reports fault conditions. Consolidated operational status (device status, configuration, and fault information) are reported for resolution and repair. A local interface is provided to field personnel for local monitoring and diagnostics, supporting field maintenance, upgrade, repair, and replacement of field devices.

Included In

Ohio DOT Vehicle Detection Devices
Municipal Field Equipment
City of Cleveland Traffic Signals
Ohio Turnpike Roadside ITS Equipment
Cuyahoga County ITS Roadway Equipment
County ITS Roadway Equipment
Ohio DOT CCTV Cameras
Ohio DOT RWIS Stations
Ohio DOT Traffic Signal Roadway Equipment
City of Cleveland Traffic Detectors
City of Cleveland DMS
Ohio DOT Automated Roadway Treatment Systems
City of Cleveland CCTV
Ohio DOT Ramp Meters
Ohio DOT Lane Control Devices
Ohio DOT Automated Gate Closure Systems
Ohio DOT Speed Monitoring Roadside Equipment
City of Cleveland Speed Monitoring Devices

Functional Requirements

01The field element shall monitor the operational status of field devices and detects and reports fault conditions.
02The field element shall detect and report any fault conditions with the equipment being monitored back to its controlling center.
03The field element shall provide the capability for field personnel to locally control and configure this equipment.
04The field element shall support an interface with field support equipment to accept installation of updates or configuration of field operations.