ITS Management Support Functional Area


'ITS Management Support' provides management of the ITS Object. This includes management of regulatory information and policies, management of application processes, management of communication system configuration and update management, communications interfaces, protocol–specific techniques to ensure interoperability such as service advertisements, communications congestion management and interference management, local device states and communications information, billing management, fault management, service level and performance monitoring.

Included In

RTA Fixed Route Vehicles
City of Cleveland Signal Control System
Ohio DOT Safety Patrol Vehicles
Ohio DOT Maintenance and Construction Vehicles
Hopkins International Airport and Burke Lakefront Airport
Ohio Turnpike Central Dispatch
Traveler Information Devices
Ohio State Highway Patrol Vehicles
Ohio DOT District Offices
City of Cleveland Maintenance Dispatch
County Emergency Vehicles
Commercial Vehicles
Geauga County Transit Vehicles
Ohio Turnpike Maintenance Dispatch
Ohio Turnpike Maintenance and Construction Vehicles
County Maintenance Vehicles
Ohio DOT Connected Vehicle Roadside Equipment
Ohio Turnpike Connected Vehicle Roadside Equipment
Connected/Automated Vehicles
Ohio Turnpike Public Service Vehicles
Ohio Turnpike CV Service Monitoring System
Ohio DOT CV Service Monitor System
Ohio DOT Object Registration and Discovery System
Ohio DOT Wide Area Information Disseminator System
Ohio DOT Cooperative ITS Credentials Management System
Ohio DOT Event Streaming Platform
Case Western Reserve Transit Vehicles
County and City Connected Vehicle Roadside Equipment
Regional Airport/Port Authority Connected Vehicle Roadside Equipment
County and City CV Service Monitoring Systems
Regional Airport/Port Authority CV Service Monitoring Systems
Ohio DOT Traffic Signal Control Systems
Ohio DOT Certification System

Functional Requirements

01The ITS Object shall provide its network address, service offerings and metrics characterizing those services to vehicles within the broadcast range of the ITS Object's short range communications equipment.
02The ITS Object shall provide its network address, service offerings and metrics characterizing those services to the registration Center.
03The ITS Object shall obtain network addresses from the Registration Center.
04The ITS Object shall make network address information available to onboard applications.
05The ITS Object shall provide its configuration and operational status information to the Service Monitor
06The ITS Object shall acquire regulatory information relevant to the operation of the ITS Object from the CCMS.