Ohio DOT Wide Area Information Disseminator System




The 'Wide Area Information Disseminator System' represents the center based systems and communications equipment that is used to send messages to equipped vehicles using wide–area wireless communications such as satellite radio, terrestrial FM broadcast subcarrier, or cellular data networks.


StakeholderRoleRole Status

Physical Objects

Wide Area Information Disseminator System
ITS Object

Functional Objects

Functional ObjectDescriptionUser Defined
ITS Management Support'ITS Management Support' provides management of the ITS Object. This includes management of regulatory information and policies, management of application processes, management of communication system configuration and update management, communications interfaces, protocol–specific techniques to ensure interoperability such as service advertisements, communications congestion management and interference management, local device states and communications information, billing management, fault management, service level and performance monitoring.False
ITS Security Support'ITS Security Support' provides communications and system security functions to the ITS Object, including privacy protection functions. It may include firewall, intrusion management, authentication, authorization, profile management, identity management, cryptographic key management. It may include a hardware security module and security management information base.False
WAID Broadcast Services'WAID Broadcast Services' provides wide–area digital broadcast of traveler information to transportation users across a region. It collects traveler information of interest to clientele (either subscribers or the general public) and distributes the traveler information using broadcast data services that are offered in context with entertainment and other data services.False

Physical Standards

SDODocument #TitleUser Defined
ISOISO 21217Intelligent transport systems — Communications access for land
mobiles (CALM) — Architecture
NISTNIST FIPS PUB 140–2Security Requirements for Cryptographic ModulesFalse

Interfaces To

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City of Cleveland Website
Commercial Vehicles
Connected/Automated Vehicles
GCRTA Transit Traveler Information System
Hopkins International Airport and Burke Lakefront Airport
Hopkins International Airport Traveler Information Website
Ohio DOT OHGO Traveler Information System
Ohio DOT Rest Area Tourist Information Centers
Ohio Turnpike Public Service Vehicles
Ohio Turnpike Website
Traveler Information Devices