TM22-Dynamic Lane Management and Shoulder Use




This service package provides for active management of travel lanes along a roadway. The package includes the field equipment, physical overhead lane signs and associated control electronics that are used to manage and control specific lanes and/or the shoulders. This equipment can be used to change the lane configuration on the roadway according to traffic demand and lane destination along a typical roadway section or on approach to or access from a border crossing, multimodal crossing or intermodal freight depot. This package can be used to allow temporary or interim use of shoulders as travel lanes. The equipment can be used to electronically reconfigure intersections and interchanges and manage right–of–way dynamically including merges. Also, lanes can be designated for use by special vehicles only, such as buses, high occupancy vehicles (HOVs), vehicles attending a special event, etc. Prohibitions or restrictions of types of vehicles from using particular lanes can be implemented.

The lane management system can be centrally monitored and controlled by a traffic management center or it can be autonomous. This service also can include automated enforcement equipment that notifies the enforcement agency of violators of the lane controls.

Dynamic lane management and shoulder use is an Active Traffic Management (ATM) strategy and is typically used in conjunction with other ATM strategies (such as TM20–Variable Speed Limits and TM12–Dynamic Roadway Warning).


TM22-Dynamic Lane Management and Shoulder Use

Includes Elements

Municipal Signal Control Systems
Ohio DOT CCTV Cameras
Ohio DOT Lane Control Devices
Ohio DOT Connected Vehicle Roadside Equipment
Municipal Public Safety Agencies Lane Control Roadside Equipment
Connected/Automated Vehicles