TM19-Roadway Closure Management




This service package closes roadways to vehicular traffic when driving conditions are unsafe, maintenance must be performed, and other scenarios where access to the roadway must be prohibited. The service package includes automatic or remotely controlled gates or barriers that control access to roadway segments including ramps and traffic lanes. Remote control systems allow the gates to be controlled from a central location or from a vehicle at the gate/barrier location, improving system efficiency and reducing personnel exposure to unsafe conditions during severe weather and other situations where roads must be closed. Surveillance systems allow operating personnel to visually verify the safe activation of the closure system and driver information systems (e.g., DMS) provide closure information to motorists in the vicinity of the closure. The equipment managed by this service package includes the control and monitoring systems, the field devices (e.g., gates, warning lights, DMS, CCTV cameras) at the closure location(s), and the information systems that notify other systems of a closure. This service package covers general road closure applications; specific closure systems that are used at railroad grade crossings, drawbridges, reversible lanes, etc. are covered by other Traffic Management service packages.


TM19-Roadway Closure Management

Includes Elements

Ohio DOT Maintenance and Construction Vehicles
Ohio Turnpike Central Dispatch
Ohio DOT OHGO Traveler Information System
Ohio DOT District Offices
Ohio Turnpike Roadside ITS Equipment
Ohio DOT CCTV Cameras
Ohio DOT Automated Gate Closure Systems
Ohio DOT Connected Vehicle Roadside Equipment
Basic Vehicles
Ohio DOT Maintenance and Construction Center Personnel