Drayage Operations Optimization Service Functional Area


The 'Drayage Operations Optimization Service' provides a portal for shippers and receivers to post their loads in need of transport and provide an opportunity for commercial vehicles to find a load to haul on their trip back to/from an intermodal facility. It connects load matching services with container and chassis/equipment availability information and appointment/reservations services from the intermodal terminals to provide an optimized, regionally integrated view of intermodal container transport for drayage operators.

Included In

Ohio Turnpike Roadside ITS Equipment
Ohio DOT CCTV Cameras

Functional Requirements

01The center shall provide information on the carrier and goods, origin, port of entry, and date.
02The center shall request and receive customized traveler information for freight users to include truck routes, permit information, truck stops, inspection stations, steep grades, high–profile vehicle advisories, etc. Information provided includes freight–related road and weather conditions, parking information, and route plans.
03The center shall receive request from shippers for the available loads to be shipped from intermodal customer locations in the region.
04The center shall provide status of the freight transport booking including the identities of the Commercial Vehicle and driver who will pick–up the freight or a request for more information from the originator.
05The center shall coordinate intermodal load–matching information including availability of a container, container capacity, available truck , equipment, for use in load matching between peer systems.
06The center shall confirm the arrival and transfer of control of a container at the intermodal terminal.
07The center shall request permission to deliver a container to an intermodal facility.
08The center shall maintain an interface with intermodal terminal facilities to exchange shipment information, terminal status, and freight bookings.
09The center shall maintain an interface with other freight distribution and logistics centers to exchange shipment information, terminal status, and freight bookings.
10The center shall exchange load matching information with fleet and freight management centers, including loads available for pickup, deliveries due, truck capacity, and appointment status.