Field Secure Area Surveillance Functional Area


'Field Secure Area Surveillance' includes video and audio surveillance equipment that monitors conditions of secure areas including facilities (e.g. transit yards), transportation infrastructure (e.g. as bridges, tunnels, interchanges, and transit railways or guideways), and public areas (e.g., transit stops, transit stations, rest areas, park and ride lots, modal interchange facilities). It provides the surveillance information to the Emergency Management Center for possible threat detection. It also provides local processing of the video or audio information, providing processed or analyzed results to the Emergency Management Center.

Included In

Ohio DOT Infrastructure Monitoring Sensors
USCG Infrastructure Monitoring Sensors
RTA CCTV Cameras
Port of Cleveland Infrastructure Monitoring Sensors
Case Western Reserve University Division of Public Safety CCTV
Cuyahoga County License Plate Readers
Cuyahoga County Mobile Surveillance Cameras
Cleveland Department of Port Control Infrastructure Monitoring Systems

Functional Requirements

01The field element shall include video and/or audio surveillance of secure areas including facilities (e.g. transit yards) and transportation infrastructure (e.g. bridges, tunnels, interchanges, roadway infrastructure, and transit railways or guideways).
02The field element shall be remotely controlled by a center.
03The field element shall provide equipment status and fault indication of surveillance equipment to a center.
04The field element shall provide raw video or audio data.
05The field element shall remotely process video and audio data and provide an indication of potential incidents or threats to a center.
06The field element shall include video and/or audio surveillance of traveler secure areas including transit stations, transit stops, rest areas, park and ride lots, and other fixed sites along travel routes (e.g., emergency pull–off areas and traveler information centers).