Cuyahoga County License Plate Readers




There are 20 fixed sites where 80 license plate readers are mounted at specific intersections throughout Cuyahoga County with more planned for the future. The cameras read license plates and run them against a hotlist provided by the state. License plate images are stored for one year in a secure warehouse which can be accessed online by law enforcement personnel in Northeast Ohio. The tool is designed to combat terrorism and crime.


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Cuyahoga County SheriffOwnsExisting

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Security Monitoring Equipment

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Field Secure Area Surveillance'Field Secure Area Surveillance' includes video and audio surveillance equipment that monitors conditions of secure areas including facilities (e.g. transit yards), transportation infrastructure (e.g. as bridges, tunnels, interchanges, and transit railways or guideways), and public areas (e.g., transit stops, transit stations, rest areas, park and ride lots, modal interchange facilities). It provides the surveillance information to the Emergency Management Center for possible threat detection. It also provides local processing of the video or audio information, providing processed or analyzed results to the Emergency Management Center.False

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