CVO09-Freight-Specific Dynamic Travel Planning




This service package provides both pre–trip and en route travel planning, routing, and commercial vehicle related traveler information, which includes information such as truck parking locations and current status. The information will be based on data collected from the commercial fleet as well as general traffic data collection capabilities. The information, both real time and static can be provided directly to fleet managers, to mobile devices used by commercial vehicle operators, or directly to in vehicle systems as commercial vehicles approach roadway exits with key facilities such as parking. The service package can also provide oversize/ overweight permit information to commercial managers.


CVO09-Freight-Specific Dynamic Travel Planning

Includes Elements

Ohio Turnpike Central Dispatch
Ohio DOT OHGO Traveler Information System
Commercial Vehicles
Private Fleet and Freight Operators
Ohio Turnpike Maintenance Dispatch
Ohio Turnpike Website
Ohio DOT Rest Area Truck Parking Availability System
Ohio Turnpike Service Plaza Truck Parking Management System