Private Fleet and Freight Operators




Represents the private commercial fleet management operations and dispatch systems operating in the Region.


StakeholderRoleRole Status
Private Commercial CarriersOwnsExisting

Physical Objects

Fleet and Freight Management Center

Functional Objects

Functional ObjectDescriptionUser Defined
Fleet Administration'Fleet Administration' provides vehicle tracking, dispatch, and reporting capabilities to fleet management personnel. It gathers current road conditions and traffic information, prepares vehicle routes, and provides a fleet interface for toll collection. It also provides route plan information for network performance evaluation. As part of the tracking function, it monitors commercial vehicle location, compares it against the known route and notifies the Emergency Management Center and Fleet–Freight Manager of any deviations, including HAZMAT route restriction violations. It supports carrier participation in wireless roadside inspection programs, monitoring geographic trigger areas and providing current safety data on behalf of the commercial vehicles it manages. It supports pre–hiring checks for potential drivers and monitors the performance of each driver who is hired. It also supports ongoing monitoring of the company's safety performance.False
Fleet Credentials and Taxes Management and Reporting'Fleet Credentials and Taxes Management and Reporting' provides the capability to purchase credentials, file taxes and trip reports electronically, apply for permits, and perform electronic enrollment in expedited border crossing programs. It tracks and manages credentials and provides electronic interfaces to appropriate state and federal commercial vehicle administration centers.False
Fleet Driver Authentication'Fleet Driver Authentication' collects and stores driver identification records including driver issued PINS and/or individual driver biometric measurements. It manages the storage of driver PINs, data from a driver identification card, and/or biometric measurements for authorized drivers on individual commercial vehicles.

Based on information reported by the commercial vehicle, it will determine if the driver is authorized, and notify the Commercial Vehicle Manager when an unauthorized driver is detected. The Commercial Vehicle Manager may override the disable vehicle action. When an unauthorized driver is detected and the system is not overridden, it will issue a message to the commercial vehicle to safely disable the vehicle. If an unauthorized driver is detected, it will send the Emergency Management Center an alert that includes: incident location, current location of the CV, Vehicle ID, Carrier ID, Driver ID, CV Credentials information, and cargo manifest (if known).
Freight Administration and Management'Freight Administration and Management' manages the movement of freight from source to destination. It interfaces to intermodal customers to setup and schedule transportation and coordinates with intermodal terminals and freight consolidation stations to coordinate the shipment. It coordinates with the appropriate government agencies to expedite the movement of trucks, their drivers, and their cargo across international borders. The application monitors the status of the freight and freight equipment (container, trailer, or chassis) and monitors freight location and compares it against the planned route.False

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