TI02-Personalized Traveler Information




This service package provides tailored information in response to a traveler request. Both real–time interactive request/response systems and information systems that "push" a tailored stream of information to the traveler based on a submitted profile are supported. The traveler can obtain current information regarding traffic conditions, roadway maintenance and construction, transit services, ride share/ride match, parking management, detours and pricing information. Although the Internet is the predominate network used for traveler information dissemination, a range of two–way wide–area wireless and fixed–point to fixed–point communications systems may be used to support the required data communications with the traveler. A variety of interactive devices may be used by the traveler to access information prior to a trip or en route including phone via a 511–like portal and web pages via smart phone, tablet, personal computer, and a variety of in–vehicle devices.


TI02-Personalized Traveler Information

Includes Elements

Cuyahoga County EOC
CECOMS – Emergency Communications
GCRTA Communications Center
Private Traveler Information Systems
RTA Kiosks
City of Cleveland Police, Fire, and EMS Dispatch
City of Cleveland Operation Snowbird EOC
City of Cleveland Signal Control System
Municipal Public Safety Dispatch
Municipal Signal Control Systems
Hopkins International Airport and Burke Lakefront Airport
GCRTA Transit Traveler Information System
TV and Radio Stations
Ohio Turnpike Central Dispatch
National Weather Service
Geauga County Transit Operations
Laketran Operations Center
LCT Bus Operations Center
County EOCs
Traveler Information Devices
Ohio DOT District 12 Maintenance Garages
Ohio DOT OHGO Traveler Information System
Ohio DOT District Offices
Ohio DOT District 3 Maintenance Garages
City of Cleveland Maintenance Dispatch
Cuyahoga County Maintenance Garages
Municipal Maintenance Garages
County Public Safety Dispatch
Event Operators Information Systems
Commercial Vehicles
Medina County Transit Operations Center
Private Weather Service Systems
Emergency Alert System
City of Cleveland Website
City of Cleveland EOC
Ohio Turnpike Maintenance Dispatch
Ohio Turnpike Website
County Engineers Office
County Maintenance Garages
Ohio Statewide EOC/JDF
Hopkins International Airport Parking Management System
Case Western Reserve Transit System
Connected/Automated Vehicles
Cuyahoga County Sheriff Department
Hopkins International Airport Traveler Information Website
Ohio DOT Rest Area Truck Parking Availability System
RTA Transit Information Displays
Ohio DOT Rest Area Tourist Information Centers
Ohio Turnpike Service Plaza Truck Parking Management System
Ohio Mobility Apps