VS02: V2V Basic Safety

Need Area Description

This service package exchanges basic safety messages with surrounding Connected Vehicles to support and augment the safety warning and control automation features identified in VS01. These exchanges support Connected Vehicle safety applications defined in SAE J2945/1: Emergency Electronic Brake Lights, Forward Crash Warning, Blind Spot Warning/Lane Change Warning, Intersection Movement Assist, Left Turn Assist, and Control Loss Warning. It also supports Do Not Pass Warning, Motorcycle Approaching indication, Tailgating Advisory, Stationary Vehicle, and Pre–Crash Actions applications from CVRIA.

Need Area Type


Service Package

VS02: V2V Basic Safety

Includes Needs

01The Connected Vehicle needs to be able to send data to and receive data from other connected vehicles in order to provide safety warnings to the driver or control actions to the vehicle.
02The Driver needs to be receive warnings from the vehicle in order to avoid a safety compromising situations with nearby remote vehicles.
03The Driver needs the connected vehicle to be able to perform vehicle control actions to avoid safety compromising situations with nearby remote vehicles.