VS16: Automated Vehicle Operations

Need Area Description

This service package provides full vehicle automation, controlling both the steering and acceleration/deceleration on areas of the highway system that support full automation. Communications between vehicles and between the vehicles and supporting infrastructure equipment supports cooperative check–in to the automated portion of the system and transition to automated mode, coordination of maneuvers between vehicles in automated mode, and checkout from the automated system. This service package is distinguished from the most advanced CACC systems in that full longitudinal and lateral control automation are supported, enabling closely spaced, tightly coupled platoons of vehicles to operate with short fixed gaps, providing greatly enhanced highway capacity and throughput with enhanced efficiency since aerodynamic drag is reduced.

Need Area Type


Service Package

VS16: Automated Vehicle Operations

Includes Needs

01The Connected Vehicle needs to be able to perform lateral and longitudinal control actions in order to operate the vehicle without direct driver intervention either independently or as part of a platoon.
02The Connected Vehicle needs to be able to perform actions that transition the vehicle from driver operation to autonomous operation and back to driver operation when the automated portion of the drive is completed.
03Traffic Operations needs to be able to manage the operation of automated lanes on highways or roadways.