CVO04: CV Administrative Processes

Need Area Description

This service package supports program administration and enrollment and provides for electronic application, processing, fee collection, issuance, and distribution of CVO credential and tax filing. Through this process, carriers, drivers, and vehicles may be enrolled in a variety of programs including electronic clearance and wireless inspection programs which allow commercial vehicles to be screened at mainline speeds. Through this enrollment process, current profile databases are maintained in the Commercial Vehicle Administration Center and snapshots of this data are made available to the roadside check facilities. Current program status is maintained and made available to carriers, drivers, and other authorized users of the data. Enrolled carriers are provided the option to review and challenge the collected data.

Commercial Vehicle Administration Centers can share current program status and credential information with other Centers, so that it is possible for any Commercial Vehicle Administration Center to have access to all credentials, credential fees, credentials status and safety status information. In addition, it is possible for one Commercial Vehicle Administration Center to collect HAZMAT route restrictions information from other Commercial Vehicle Administration Centers and then act as a clearinghouse for this route restrictions information.

Need Area Type


Service Package

CVO04: CV Administrative Processes

Includes Needs

01Commercial Vehicle Administration needs to be able to issue credentials to commercial vehicle carriers or Fleet and Freight Management in order to reduce an agency's and a carrier's paperwork burden.
02Commercial Vehicle Administration needs to exchange safety and credentials, fuel, and mileage tax information with other commercial vehicle administrations to support electronic credentialing.
03Commercial Vehicle Administration needs to be able to exchange hazardous materials (HAZMAT) route restrictions with other jurisdictions and Fleet and Freight Management in order to maintain safe use of the roadways.
04Fleet and Freight Management need to be able verify the contents and accuracy of the records maintained by Commercial Vehicle Administration concerning its operations.