ST01: Emissions Monitoring

Need Area Description

This service package monitors individual vehicle emissions and provides general air quality monitoring using distributed sensors to collect the data. The collected information is transmitted to the Emissions Management Center for processing. Both area wide air quality monitoring and point emissions monitoring are supported by this service package. For area wide monitoring, this service package measures air quality, identifies sectors that are non–compliant with air quality standards, and collects, stores and reports supporting statistical data. For point emissions monitoring, this service package collects data from on–board diagnostic systems and measures tail pipe emissions to identify vehicles that exceed emissions standards and/or clean vehicles that could be released from standard emissions tests, depending on policy and regulations. Summary emissions information or warnings can also be displayed to drivers. The gathered information can be used to implement environmentally sensitive travel demand management (TDM) programs, policies, and regulations.

Need Area Type


Service Package

ST01: Emissions Monitoring

Includes Needs

01Emissions Management needs to be able to measure wide area pollution data in order to monitor wide area pollution levels.
02Emissions Management needs to be able to measure vehicle emissions data collected from individual vehicles at the roadside in order to identify high emitting vehicles.
03Emission Management needs to be able to provide summary emission information or warning to drivers.
04Emissions Management needs to be able to provide wide area pollution information to the media, traveler information centers, and other transportation centers in order to support traveler information and transportation operations.
05Emissions Management needs to be able to send information about vehicles with excessive emissions to the appropriate Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) or law enforcement.