TM10: Electronic Toll Collection

Need Area Description

The Electronic Toll Collection service package provides toll operators with the ability to collect tolls electronically and detect and process violations. The fees that are collected may be adjusted to implement demand management strategies. Field–Vehicle Communication between the roadway equipment and the vehicle is required as well as Fixed Point–Fixed Point interfaces between the toll collection equipment and transportation authorities and the financial infrastructure that supports fee collection. Toll violations are identified and electronically posted to vehicle owners. Standards, inter–agency coordination, and financial clearinghouse capabilities enable broad interoperability for these services.

Need Area Type


Service Package

TM10: Electronic Toll Collection

Includes Needs

01Electronic Toll System Operators need to allow users to set up and maintain a user account.
02Electronic Toll Collection needs to allow toll payment without the vehicle stopping at a toll plaza.
03Electronic Toll System Operators need to be able to detect, process, and notify users of toll violations in order to prevent loss of revenue due to toll violations.
04Electronic Toll System Operators need to be able to support interagency coordination and financial clearinghouse operations so that multiple toll agencies are able to operate with the same type of user devices.
05The toll operations need to be able to set the road pricing based on the time of the day, traffic condition and vehicle characteristics (vehicle size, weight, axle count, etc.) and stored toll prices.