TM02: Vehicle-Based Traffic Surveillance

Need Area Description

This service package uses probe data information obtained from vehicles in the network to support traffic operations, including incident detection and the implementation of localized operational strategies. Since traffic data is collected from vehicles, travel times and other related traffic performance measures are available. This service package includes the capability to collect data from Connected Vehicles so that "probe" data can be collected from all equipped vehicles, providing access to a large vehicle population as penetration increases. Incident detection enables transportation agencies to determine the location of potential incidents so the agencies can respond more quickly to the incident and mitigate any negative impacts to the transportation network. Vehicle data that can be used to detect potential incidents include changes in vehicle speeds indicating the disruption of traffic flow, when a vehicle's safety systems have been activated or deployed, or sudden vehicle turns or deceleration at a specific location (indicating a potential obstacle in the roadway).

Need Area Type


Service Package

TM02: Vehicle-Based Traffic Surveillance

Includes Needs

01Traffic Operations and Traveler Information Providers need to be able to monitor the road network using information from connected vehicles in order to detect and verify incidents.
02Traffic Operations need to be able to monitor the roadside equipment in order to detect faults in equipment or communications.
03Traffic Operations need to be able to send network monitoring data to other centers in order to support traveler information.
04Traffic Operations need to be able to monitor the road network using probe data from toll or transit systems.