PS02-Emergency Response




This service package supports emergency/ incident response by personnel in the field. It includes emergency vehicle equipment used to provide response status as well as video or images from either the vehicle or from emergency personnel in the field. Wide area wireless communications between the Emergency Management Center, Emergency Personnel and Emergency Vehicles supports a sharing of emergency response information. The service package also includes tactical decision support, resource coordination, and communications integration for Incident Commands that are established by first responders at or near the incident scene to support local management of an incident, including the functions and interfaces commonly supported by a mobile command center.


PS02-Emergency Response

Includes Elements

Cuyahoga County EOC
Municipal Emergency Vehicles
CECOMS – Emergency Communications
City of Cleveland Police, Fire, and EMS Dispatch
City of Cleveland Operation Snowbird EOC
GCRTA Police
Municipal Public Safety Dispatch
Special Police Dispatch
Ohio State Highway Patrol Posts
County EOCs
Ohio State Highway Patrol Vehicles
Ohio DOT District Offices
City of Cleveland Emergency Vehicles
County Public Safety Dispatch
County Emergency Vehicles
Private Tow and Wrecker Dispatch
GCRTA Police Vehicles
Other County Public Safety Dispatch
Private Tow and Wreckers Vehicles
Ohio State Highway Patrol State Communications Center
City of Cleveland EOC
Other Municipal Public Safety Dispatch