PT04-Transit Fare Collection Management




This service package manages transit fare collection on–board transit vehicles and at transit stops using electronic means. It allows transit users to use a traveler card or other electronic payment device such as a smart phone. Readers located either in the infrastructure or on–board the transit vehicles enable electronic fare payment. Data is processed, stored, and displayed on the transit vehicle and communicated as needed to the Transit Management Center.


PT04-Transit Fare Collection Management

Includes Elements

RTA Paratransit Vehicles
RTA Fixed Route Vehicles
GCRTA Communications Center
Laketran Vehicles
RTA Kiosks
GCRTA Transit Traveler Information System
Laketran Operations Center
Regional Traveler Smart Card
Financial Institutions
GCRTA Administration
METRO Administration
Regional Smart Card Reconciliation Network
Laketran Paratransit Vehicles
Laketran Smart Card
RTA Electronic Fare Card