ITS Standards Support for environmental sensors control

TypeSDOTitleDoc ID
Standard ProfileProfileVehicle Communications via RSEs, Vehicle DestinationRSEGateway–VehicleDestination
ProfileWide Area Wireless using ASN.1 as encoding methodWAW–ASN1
ProfileWide Area Wireless using JSON as encoding methodWAW–WWWBrowser–JSON
ProfileWide Area Wireless using XML as encoding methodWAW–XML
Other StandardConsortium of AASHTO, ITE, and NEMAProfile FrameworkNTCIP 8003
Message/DataAmerican National Standards InstituteElectronic Filing of Tax Return DataANSI ASC X12 TS–813
Consortium of AASHTO, ITE, and NEMAObject Definitions for Environmental Sensor Stations (ESS)NTCIP 1204
Communications ProtocolInternet Engineering Task ForceHypertext Transfer Protocol –– HTTP/1.1IETF RFC:7230