Interface: Private Traveler Information Systems - Ohio DOT Connected Vehicle Roadside Equipment

Private Traveler Information Systems to Ohio DOT Connected Vehicle Roadside Equipment Interface Diagram

Architecture Flow Definitions

traffic situation data  (Planned)  Applicable ITS Standards

Current, aggregate traffic data collected from connected vehicles that can be used to supplement or replace information collected by roadside traffic detectors. It includes raw and/or processed reported vehicle speeds, counts, and other derived measures. Raw and/or filtered vehicle control events may also be included to support incident detection.

traveler information application info  (Planned)  Applicable ITS Standards

Traveler information and associated parameters, filters, and thresholds that control the RSE's distribution of the traveler information to passing vehicles. This flow also supports remote control of the application so the application can be taken offline, reset, or restarted.

traveler information application status  (Planned)  Applicable ITS Standards

Application status reported by the RSE. This includes current operational state and status of the RSE and a record of traveler information distribution.