Inventory by Stakeholder

Each stakeholder is associated with one or more systems or "elements" that make up the regional transportation system. This table sorts the inventory by stakeholder, so each stakeholder can easily identify and review the information for all elements that they own and operate.

Akron METRO Regional Transit AuthorityOwnsMETRO Administration
Case Western Reserve UniversityOwnsCase Western Reserve Transit System
OwnsCase Western Reserve Transit Vehicles
OwnsCase Western Reserve University Division of Public Safety
OwnsCase Western Reserve University Division of Public Safety CCTV
City of ClevelandOwns311 Non–Emergency Information System
OwnsCity of Cleveland Automated Vehicle (Autonomous Shuttle Demonstration)
OwnsCity of Cleveland CCTV
OwnsCity of Cleveland DMS
OwnsCity of Cleveland Emergency Vehicles
OwnsCity of Cleveland EOC
OwnsCity of Cleveland Maintenance Dispatch
OwnsCity of Cleveland Operation Snowbird EOC
OwnsCity of Cleveland Parking Management
OwnsCity of Cleveland Payment Administration Center
OwnsCity of Cleveland Police, Fire, and EMS Dispatch
OwnsCity of Cleveland Roadside Inspection Station
OwnsCity of Cleveland Signal Control System
OwnsCity of Cleveland Special Events Management
OwnsCity of Cleveland Speed Monitoring Devices
OwnsCity of Cleveland Traffic Detectors
OwnsCity of Cleveland Traffic Signals
OwnsCity of Cleveland Website
OwnsLift Bridge Information System
OwnsNortheast Ohio Regional Fusion Center
City of Cleveland Department of Port ControlOwnsCleveland Department of Port Control Commercial Vehicle Check Equipment
OwnsCleveland Department of Port Control Infrastructure Monitoring Systems
OwnsCleveland Department of Port Control Operations Center
OwnsHopkins International Airport and Burke Lakefront Airport
OwnsHopkins International Airport DMS
OwnsHopkins International Airport Parking Management System
OwnsHopkins International Airport Traveler Information Website
County GovernmentsOwnsCounty Engineers Office
OwnsCounty ITS Roadway Equipment
OwnsCounty Maintenance Garages
OwnsCounty Maintenance Vehicles
OwnsOther County Engineers Office
County Public Safety AgenciesOwnsCounty Emergency Vehicles
OwnsCounty EOCs
OwnsCounty Public Safety Dispatch
OwnsOther County Public Safety Dispatch
Crash Record UsersOwnsCrash Records Database Users
Cuyahoga CountyOwnsRegional Airport
Cuyahoga County Emergency ServicesOwnsCECOMS – Emergency Communications
OwnsCuyahoga County EOC
Cuyahoga County EngineerOwnsCuyahoga County Engineers Office
OwnsCuyahoga County ITS Roadway Equipment
OwnsCuyahoga County Maintenance Garages
OwnsCuyahoga County Maintenance Vehicles
OwnsCuyahoga County Traffic Count Data Archive
Cuyahoga County Port AuthorityOwnsHopkins International Airport Vehicle Classification System
OwnsPort of Cleveland Infrastructure Monitoring Sensors
OwnsPort of Cleveland Operations Center
OwnsPort of Cleveland Station
Cuyahoga County SheriffOwnsCriminal Justice Information Sharing (CJIS)
OwnsCuyahoga County License Plate Readers
OwnsCuyahoga County Mobile Surveillance Cameras
OwnsCuyahoga County Sheriff Department
Event OperatorsOwnsEvent Operators Information Systems
Financial InstitutionsOwnsFinancial Institutions
Geauga County TransitOwnsGeauga County Transit Operations
OwnsGeauga County Transit Vehicles
General PublicOwnsConnected/Automated Vehicles
OwnsTraveler Information Devices
OwnsTraveler Vehicles
Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority (RTA)OwnsGCRTA Administration
OwnsGCRTA Communications Center
OwnsGCRTA Police
OwnsGCRTA Police Vehicles
OwnsGCRTA Transit Traveler Information System
OwnsRegional Smart Card Reconciliation Network
OwnsRegional Traveler Smart Card
OwnsRTA CCTV Cameras
OwnsRTA Electronic Fare Card
OwnsRTA Fixed Route Vehicles
OwnsRTA Kiosks
OwnsRTA Paratransit Vehicles
LaketranOwnsLaketran Operations Center
OwnsLaketran Paratransit Vehicles
OwnsLaketran Smart Card
OwnsLaketran Vehicles
Local Transit OperatorsOwnsLocal Transit Traveler Information Systems
Lorain County TransitOwnsLCT Bus Operations Center
OwnsLCT Transit Vehicles
Mayday/Concierge Service ProvidersOwnsMayday/Concierge Services
Medina County TransitOwnsMedina County Transit Operations Center
OwnsMedina County Transit Vehicles
Municipal Public Safety AgenciesOwnsCounty Municipal Community Notification System
OwnsMunicipal Emergency Vehicles
OwnsMunicipal Public Safety Agencies Lane Control Roadside Equipment
OwnsMunicipal Public Safety Agencies Speed Monitoring Roadside Equipment
OwnsMunicipal Public Safety Dispatch
OwnsOther Municipal Public Safety Dispatch
Municipal Public Works DepartmentsOwnsMunicipal Field Equipment
OwnsMunicipal Maintenance Garages
OwnsMunicipal Maintenance Vehicles
OwnsMunicipal Signal Control Systems
OwnsMunicipal Traffic Count Data Archives
OwnsOther Municipal Maintenance Garages
OwnsOther Municipal Roadside ITS Equipment
OwnsOther Municipal Signal Control Systems
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)OwnsNational Weather Service
NOACAOwnsNOACA Regional Transportation Data Archive
OwnsOzone Action Day System
ODOTOwnsOhio DOT 511 Telephone Information Service
OwnsOhio DOT Automated Gate Closure Systems
OwnsOhio DOT Automated Roadway Treatment Systems
OwnsOhio DOT CCTV Cameras
OwnsOhio DOT Connected Vehicle Roadside Equipment
OwnsOhio DOT Cooperative ITS Credentials Management System
OwnsOhio DOT CV Authorizing Center
OwnsOhio DOT CV Service Monitor System
OwnsOhio DOT District 12 Equipment Repair Facility
OwnsOhio DOT District 12 Maintenance Garages
OwnsOhio DOT District 12 Office
OwnsOhio DOT District 12 Public Information Office
OwnsOhio DOT District 3 Equipment Repair Facility
OwnsOhio DOT District 3 Maintenance Garages
OwnsOhio DOT District 3 Public Information Office
OwnsOhio DOT DMS
OwnsOhio DOT HAR
OwnsOhio DOT Infrastructure Monitoring Sensors
OwnsOhio DOT Integrated Data Exchange
OwnsOhio DOT Kiosks
OwnsOhio DOT Lane Control Devices
OwnsOhio DOT Maintenance and Construction Vehicles
OwnsOhio DOT Object Registration and Discovery System
OwnsOhio DOT OHGO Traveler Information System
OwnsOhio DOT Portable Freeway Management System
OwnsOhio DOT Ramp Meters
OwnsOhio DOT RWIS Stations
OwnsOhio DOT Safety Patrol Vehicles
OwnsOhio DOT Speed Monitoring Roadside Equipment
OwnsOhio DOT Storage Facilities
OwnsOhio DOT Traffic Data Archive System
OwnsOhio DOT Traffic Signal Systems
OwnsOhio DOT Variable Speed Limit Signs
OwnsOhio DOT Vehicle Detection Devices
OwnsOhio DOT Wide Area Information Disseminator System
OwnsOhio DOT Wrong Way Vehicle Detection System
OwnsOther ODOT Maintenance Garages
OwnsRegional Traffic Management Center
Ohio Department of Public SafetyOwnsOhio DPS Crash Records Database
OwnsOhio Statewide EOC/JDF
Ohio State Highway PatrolOwnsEmergency Alert System
OwnsOhio State Highway Patrol Posts
OwnsOhio State Highway Patrol State Communications Center
OwnsOhio State Highway Patrol Vehicles
Ohio Turnpike and Infrastructure CommissionOwnsE–ZPass Tag
OwnsOhio Turnpike Central Dispatch
OwnsOhio Turnpike Connected Vehicles Roadside Equipment
OwnsOhio Turnpike CV Authorizing Center
OwnsOhio Turnpike CV Service Monitoring System
OwnsOhio Turnpike Equipment and Fleet Service Facilities
OwnsOhio Turnpike Maintenance and Construction Vehicles
OwnsOhio Turnpike Maintenance Dispatch
OwnsOhio Turnpike Public Service Vehicles
OwnsOhio Turnpike Roadside ITS Equipment
OwnsOhio Turnpike Toll Administration
OwnsOhio Turnpike Toll Collection Equipment
OwnsOhio Turnpike Website
Private Commercial CarriersOwnsCommercial Vehicles
OwnsPrivate Fleet and Freight Operators
Private CompaniesOwnsPrivate Companies Map Update Systems
OwnsPrivate Companies Privacy Protection Gateway
Private Tow, Wreckers and Cleanup Service ProvidersOwnsPrivate Tow and Wrecker Dispatch
OwnsPrivate Tow and Wreckers Vehicles
Private Traveler Information ProvidersOwnsPrivate Traveler Information Systems
Private Weather Service ProviderOwnsPrivate Weather Service Systems
Railroad OperatorsOwnsRailroad Operations Center
OwnsRailroad Wayside Equipment
Regional Hospital OrganizationsOwnsRegional Hospitals and Trauma Centers
School DistrictsOwnsSchool Buses
OwnsSchool District Dispatch
Special Police DistrictsOwnsSpecial Police Dispatch
Traffic Data UsersOwnsArchived Data User Systems
TV and Radio StationsOwnsTV and Radio Stations
U.S. Coast GuardOwnsUSCG District HQ Bridge Office
OwnsUSCG Infrastructure Monitoring Sensors
US Department of Homeland SecurityOwnsUS DHS TWIC