PS09-Transportation Infrastructure Protection




This service package includes the monitoring of transportation infrastructure (e.g., bridges, tunnels and management centers) for potential threats using sensors and surveillance equipment and barrier and safeguard systems to control access, preclude an incident, and mitigate the impact of an incident if it occurs. Threats can result from acts of nature (e.g., hurricanes, earthquakes), terrorist attacks or other incidents causing damage to the infrastructure (e.g., stray barge hitting a bridge support). Infrastructure may be monitored with acoustic, environmental threat (such as nuclear, biological, chemical, and explosives), infrastructure condition and integrity, motion and object sensors and video and audio surveillance equipment. Data from such sensors and surveillance equipment may be processed in the field or sent to a center for processing. The data enables operators at the center to detect and verify threats. When a threat is detected, agencies are notified. Detected threats or advisories received from other agencies result in an increased level of system preparedness. In response to threats, barrier and safeguard systems may be activated to deter an incident, control access to an area or mitigate the impact of an incident. Barrier systems include gates, barriers and other automated and remotely controlled systems that manage entry to transportation infrastructure. Safeguard systems include blast shields, exhaust systems and other automated and remotely controlled systems that mitigate impact of an incident.

Includes Elements

CECOMS – Emergency Communications
Municipal Public Safety Dispatch
Port of Cleveland Operations Center
Ohio State Highway Patrol Posts
Ohio DOT District 12 Office
County Public Safety Dispatch
USCG District HQ Bridge Office
Ohio DOT Infrastructure Monitoring Sensors
Ohio Statewide EOC/JDF
USCG Infrastructure Monitoring Sensors
Port of Cleveland Infrastructure Monitoring Sensors
Cuyahoga County Mobile Surveillance Cameras
Cuyahoga County Sheriff Department
Cleveland Department of Port Control Operations Center
Cleveland Department of Port Control Infrastructure Monitoring Systems