SU03-Data Distribution




This service package manages the distribution of data from data providers to data consumers and protects those data from unauthorized access. It informs data providers of how to provide data, manages data subscriptions, and provides data forwarding capabilities. The service package also maintains a directory of System Users that want data and supports multiple distribution mechanisms including publish–subscribe and directly from data provider to data consumer. It allows data consumers to specify (and change the specification of) data they wish to receive.

Includes Elements

Ohio DOT Safety Patrol Vehicles
Ohio DOT Maintenance and Construction Vehicles
Ohio Turnpike Central Dispatch
Traveler Information Devices
Ohio State Highway Patrol Vehicles
Commercial Vehicles
Ohio Turnpike Maintenance and Construction Vehicles
Ohio DOT Connected Vehicle Roadside Equipment
Ohio Turnpike Connected Vehicles Roadside Equipment
Connected/Automated Vehicles
Ohio Turnpike Public Service Vehicles
Ohio DOT Integrated Data Exchange