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Represents a provider of map databases used to support ITS services. It supports the provision of the map data that are used directly by vehicles (e.g., roadway and intersection geometry data sets), travelers (e.g., navigable maps used for route guidance and display maps used at traveler information points), system operators (e.g., map data used by Traffic Operators to monitor and manage the road network, and map data used by Fleet Managers to manage a vehicle fleet). It may represent a third–party provider or an internal organization that produces map data for agency use. Products may include simple display maps, map data sets that define detailed road network topology and geometry, or full geographic information system databases that are used to support planning and operations.


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Physical Objects

Map Update System

Functional Objects

Functional ObjectDescriptionUser Defined
Map Management'Map Management' provides the GIS functionality necessary to support map data creation and management. It provides an operator interface that supports management of the map data and rendering of the maps under operator control and interfaces to external data sources, including the connected vehicle environment.False

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