Ohio DOT Wide Area Information Disseminator System




The 'Wide Area Information Disseminator System' represents the center based systems and communications equipment that is used to send messages to equipped vehicles using wide–area wireless communications such as satellite radio, terrestrial FM broadcast subcarrier, or cellular data networks.


StakeholderRoleRole Status

Physical Objects

Wide Area Information Disseminator System

Functional Objects

Functional ObjectDescriptionUser Defined
WAID Support Services'WAID Support Services' provides foundational functions that support data collection, management, and distribution. It coordinates with Object Registration and Discovery to maintain its registration with respect to location/geographic scope and credentialing information. It maintains the necessary security credentials, authorizations, and associated keys to support communications in the connected vehicle environment. It also provides an overall service monitoring function.False
WAID Trust Management'WAID Trust Management' manages the certificates and associated keys that are used to sign, encrypt, decrypt, and authenticate messages. It communicates with the Cooperative ITS Credentials Management System to maintain a current, valid set of security certificates and identifies, logs, and reports events that may indicate a threat to the Connected Vehicle Environment security.False