Ohio DOT Object Registration and Discovery System




The 'Object Registration and Discovery System' represents one or more center–based applications that provide registration and lookup services necessary to allow objects to locate (for communications purposes) other objects operating within the Connected Vehicle Environment. These registration and discovery services are support services that enable other applications.


StakeholderRoleRole Status

Physical Objects

Object Registration and Discovery System

Functional Objects

Functional ObjectDescriptionUser Defined
Object Registration and Discovery'Object Registration and Discovery' facilitates the registration of services by the respective service providers and the subsequent query–based discovery of these registered services. Many of the services offered by roadside or center–based service providers operating within the project geographic boundary will require an advertisement of their existence and cyber location to potential users; which consist primarily of PIDs and vehicles, but could include roadside or other center based services.False
ORDS Trust Management'ORDS Trust Management' manages the certificates and associated keys that are used to sign, encrypt, decrypt, and authenticate messages. It communicates with the Cooperative ITS Credentials Management System to maintain a current, valid set of security certificates and keys and identifies, logs and reports events that may indicate a threat to Connected Vehicle security.False

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Connected/Automated Vehicles
Ohio DOT Connected Vehicle Roadside Equipment
Ohio DOT Cooperative ITS Credentials Management System
Ohio DOT Integrated Data Exchange
Ohio DOT Wide Area Information Disseminator System
Ohio Turnpike Central Dispatch
Ohio Turnpike Connected Vehicles Roadside Equipment
Traveler Information Devices