Ohio DOT Ramp Meters




Ramp meters are traffic signals at freeway entrance ramps, which use video detection cameras positioned on the ramp and freeway to determine how quickly drivers can safely enter the freeway. Ramp meters also coordinate timings based on input from Ohio DOT Vehicle Detection Devices that measure traffic speed and volume on the freeway, and traffic demand on the ramp.


StakeholderRoleRole Status

Physical Objects

ITS Roadway Equipment

Functional Objects

Functional ObjectDescriptionUser Defined
Roadway Field Device Support'Roadway Field Device Support' monitors the operational status of field devices and detects and reports fault conditions. Consolidated operational status (device status, configuration, and fault information) are reported for resolution and repair. A local interface is provided to field personnel for local monitoring and diagnostics, supporting field maintenance, upgrade, repair, and replacement of field devices.False
Roadway Traffic Metering'Roadway Traffic Metering' includes the field equipment used to meter traffic on ramps, through interchanges, and on the mainline roadway. The equipment includes dynamic messages signs to provide guidance and information to drivers at and approaching a meter, including information for any special bypass lanes.False

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Ohio DOT District 12 Maintenance Garages
Ohio DOT District 3 Maintenance Garages
Ohio DOT Portable Freeway Management System
Regional Traffic Management Center