Interface: Commercial Vehicles - Port of Cleveland Station

Commercial Vehicles to Port of Cleveland Station Interface Diagram

Architecture Flow Definitions

electronic screening request  (Existing)  Applicable ITS Standards

Request for identification data to support electronic screening.

on-board safety data  (Existing)  Applicable ITS Standards

Safety data measured by on–board sensors. Includes information about the vehicle, vehicle components, cargo, and driver. The query flow is not explicitly shown.

pass/pull-in  (Existing)  Applicable ITS Standards

Command to commercial vehicle to pull into or bypass inspection station.

request tag data  (Existing)  Applicable ITS Standards

Request for tag information including tag id and associated data.

screening event record  (Existing)  Applicable ITS Standards

Results of CVO electronic screening activity.

tag data  (Existing)  Applicable ITS Standards

Unique tag ID and related vehicle information.